Life of Reilly

He's not a Dog, He's a Reilly!

Reilly’s on Day 13 of Gratitude and He’s Loving It


Source: via Reilly on Pinterest


Through his exercise in gratitude, Reilly’s strengthened his team

As Reilly reaches the midway point of his exercise on giving thanks, he pointed out to me how his eyes have opened up.  Reilly has always had a great personality that shines through and noticed by everyone he meets.  Now he’s even more aware of the beauty and all the great things that are around him every day.  I’m happy that I’ve been able to instill such loveliness in him.

He told me that he’s been telling all of his pals about being grateful.  Just today, during practice he said that he and the rest of the swim team decided that they would be grateful for each other.  I told Reilly that’s great!  There’s nothing like teamwork.

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