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On This Thanksgiving Holiday, Safety First


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Preparations for Reilly’s Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving as you know is a time to give thanks and partake in the bounty of life.  For most of us Thanksgiving also involves eating a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, resplendent with all the great traditional fixings.  Of course we want our doggie children to have their share of Thanksgiving dinner too; but while they are our children, they are special children.  That means we have to be careful what we feed them.

Upset tummies are to be avoided.  In the case of Reilly, he’ll get sick around 3 A.M. and no one wants that.  So here’s what all doggie parents need to keep in mind . . . Keep it simple!

Reilly will start his Thanksgiving dinner with a salad of cucumbers and carrots – he loves the crunchiness. The main course is a few boiled giblets and a slice of fully cooked white turkey meat (on top of some kibble).  For a vegetable, he’ll have string beans. What Thanksgiving dinner would be complete without sweet potatoes?  So he gets a slice.  Finally for dessert, Reilly will satisfy his sweet tooth with a couple small slices of apples along with pears.  There you have it, Reilly’s Thanksgiving feast.  The two of us love to follow up with a long jaunt in the park.

Remember for the Thanksgiving dinner; make it healthy for our doggie children.  By the way, here’s a list of no-no foods (please avoid):

  • NO Turkey or Chicken Bones
  • NO Raw Meat (best to be safe)
  • NO Onions or Garlic
  • NO Grapes
  • NO Chocolate

If you have questions about what you can and cannot feed your dog, please contact your Vet.  They’ll be happy to give you tips on Thanksgiving doggie feasts.  Also, jot down these numbers.  If your doggie shows signs of having eaten something toxic call the ASPCA poison hot line at 1-888-426-4435 or the Pet Poison Hot Line @ 1-800-213-6180.

Be Safe, Be Happy and Be Grateful – Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!!

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