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He's not a Dog, He's a Reilly!

My Doggie Child Reilly is on Day 18 of Giving Thanks



Reilly’s Grateful for Holiday Arts & Crafts

Thanksgiving is almost here, just a few days away.  The holiday season is almost upon us.  So we spent the day beginning our preparations.  I try to provide Reilly with lots of activities and his friends as well.  Today we invited over some of the neighbors children (4 legged and 2 legged) for some holiday craft making.  It’s time to get ready for our holiday decorating.  We had an array of colored pens, markers, paper, paints, yarn and everything else needed to craft up some great stuff.  We were like Martha Stewart and friends, but not your usual friends.

Of course we started with all things Thanksgiving.  The boys and girls made some exciting looking turkeys and harvest scenes.  Was it messy?  Of course, but everyone was wearing their smocks, so we didn’t care.  At the end of the day, all the little ones left with an item they were proud of.

When we waved good-bye to the last child to leave, Reilly turned to me to say how grateful he is for making art.  No matter what’s going on, children always seem to find something out of it to be grateful for.  So keep the experiences flowing.

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