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It’s the 19th of November and Reilly’s Journaling Away about Gratitude


Osaka Japanese Garden

A spot Reilly’s grateful for Osaka Japanese Garden in Hyde Park

Another Great November Day in Chicago

Us folks living in Chicago have truly been experiencing great, warmer than usual weather and the forecast is even better for the days ahead especially for Thanksgiving.  That’s lanyap for Reilly.  In his mind everyday is a great day, so extra nice days are a doggie’s delight.  Instead of hurrying him along after school, we’ve been able to take leisurely walks making frequent stops to take in all that life has to offer.  For today that meant stopping by the Osaka Japanese Garden in Hyde Park to climb some rocks and sniff through and view the water scenes.

On the way home Reilly had lots to say about being grateful for a nice spot to take in a nice day.  He’s a grateful doggie child and I do love him for it.

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