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Hey Reilly Dog’s Gratitude & Happy Thanksgiving to You


Source: via Reilly on Pinterest


Reilly Says it’s our day of Thanks – Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!!

Yesterday on Reilly’s 21st day of gratitude he expressed that he was grateful for life.  He was happy for the sheer abundance that life has to offer.  From a doggie’s prospective we all know what that means, including having the great outdoors and tennis balls to play with.  He knows it’s much more than that.  It’s gratitude for being a part of something big, being a member of this great universe.

Now today is Thanksgiving

The two of us wish that everyone will take a few moments to be mindful of the world and reach out to share a loving thought or a kind gesture on this day, a special day of giving thanks for all that we have received.

To all we send much love.  Be safe on this day of gratefulness and remember to keep up being mindful.

From Reilly Dog and Reilly’s Mom . . . enjoy the Turkey!

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