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Today is So Sad, So Tragic – Hearts Out to Newtown

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Light a Candle – Be Mindful

Originally I was going to write about Reilly’s upcoming holiday concert, but today is truly a sad day.  The events at Newtown were tragic and worst of all it involved children.  Our little ones are so precious.  They represent what is good, what is delightful, what is our future.  And to lose and of our gems is most tragic.

I’m going to light a candle for those who were lost and the families that are left behind.  Be mindful everyone.  Each moment with a child, a loved one and the world should be cherished.

by Reilly's Mom

Reilly’s House is all A Buzz over Christmas

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Reilly’s Christmas Holiday Begins

Our house has been busy with all things holiday related and Reilly has been in the center of all the action.  So much has changed over the years about Christmas and I like for Reilly to ever keep in mind the true meaning of the holiday.

Our house is all a buzz about preparing for Christmas and Reilly’s in the center of the action.  So far us folks in Chicago are having a milder than usual winter holiday season.  It’s a good thing because we don’t have to wear our heavy overcoats, but then there hasn’t been any snow.

Reilly and snow are made to for each other.  You fellow doggie parents can attest to this . . . doggie children love themselves some snow.  It’s a play environment that offers all kinds of excitement.  Reilly says, “There’s no snow drift too deep”.  He likes it nose deep.  So when we get a good snow, I’ve got to dress accordingly and so does Reilly.

Oh, I’ve gone off track.  So we’re getting ready for Christmas, doing our decorating thing and writing our letters.  Reilly’s writing to Santa and I’m writing to Santa baby.  We plan to send off our letters this weekend.  Top on his list so far is to wish Santa good health.  Reilly realizes that children around the world are counting on Santa to make his special deliveries.  Reilly’s still working on the rest of his list.  But at this time it’s important that when making our lists, we think of those less fortunate than ourselves.  Next week, the two of us have plans to help make others’ Christmas special.  You guys can do the same in your households.  If you need any suggestions, Reilly and I are full of great ideas.

To everyone, be happy and merry during this wonderful holiday season.

by Reilly's Mom

What Can Doggies Do This Christmas Season?

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My Reilly Dog Says, Let’s Participate!

As I’m sure you all know, the holiday season is in full swing.  Shoppers have taken advantage of Black Friday, pre-Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the likes.  Reilly knows Christmas shopping is in full swing, but he’s not interested in that.  He’s more in the business of sharing goodwill.  Matter of fact, I always thought that he would be a great Goodwill Ambassador for Unicef.  He adores what Angeline, Brad Pitt and family are doing to help children around the world and he’s told me how he wants to be a part of it.

While there are many distractions out there, we keep it simple in our household.  I have worked hard to eliminate those distractions so that Reilly gets down to the essence of life, understanding core values.  It has paid off in spades for my doggie child Reilly . . . Kisses to him.

Reilly is a compassionate, empathetic, and sympathetic child.  So instead of making a wish list for the latest electronic toys and devices, he’s all into sharing joy of life.  He’s dogged when it comes to helping those that don’t have the awesome opportunities he has.

So we’ve powwowed over it, and Reilly has decided that he wants to spread the joyness of life to children around the world.  So fellow doggie children and doggie parents, what are you willing to do to bring peace and joy on earth during this holiday season?  We invite you into realm of giving.

by Reilly's Mom

Hey Reilly Dog’s Gratitude & Happy Thanksgiving to You

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Reilly Says it’s our day of Thanks – Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!!

Yesterday on Reilly’s 21st day of gratitude he expressed that he was grateful for life.  He was happy for the sheer abundance that life has to offer.  From a doggie’s prospective we all know what that means, including having the great outdoors and tennis balls to play with.  He knows it’s much more than that.  It’s gratitude for being a part of something big, being a member of this great universe.

Now today is Thanksgiving

The two of us wish that everyone will take a few moments to be mindful of the world and reach out to share a loving thought or a kind gesture on this day, a special day of giving thanks for all that we have received.

To all we send much love.  Be safe on this day of gratefulness and remember to keep up being mindful.

From Reilly Dog and Reilly’s Mom . . . enjoy the Turkey!

by Reilly's Mom

On This Thanksgiving Holiday, Safety First

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Preparations for Reilly’s Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving as you know is a time to give thanks and partake in the bounty of life.  For most of us Thanksgiving also involves eating a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, resplendent with all the great traditional fixings.  Of course we want our doggie children to have their share of Thanksgiving dinner too; but while they are our children, they are special children.  That means we have to be careful what we feed them.

Upset tummies are to be avoided.  In the case of Reilly, he’ll get sick around 3 A.M. and no one wants that.  So here’s what all doggie parents need to keep in mind . . . Keep it simple!

Reilly will start his Thanksgiving dinner with a salad of cucumbers and carrots – he loves the crunchiness. The main course is a few boiled giblets and a slice of fully cooked white turkey meat (on top of some kibble).  For a vegetable, he’ll have string beans. What Thanksgiving dinner would be complete without sweet potatoes?  So he gets a slice.  Finally for dessert, Reilly will satisfy his sweet tooth with a couple small slices of apples along with pears.  There you have it, Reilly’s Thanksgiving feast.  The two of us love to follow up with a long jaunt in the park.

Remember for the Thanksgiving dinner; make it healthy for our doggie children.  By the way, here’s a list of no-no foods (please avoid):

  • NO Turkey or Chicken Bones
  • NO Raw Meat (best to be safe)
  • NO Onions or Garlic
  • NO Grapes
  • NO Chocolate

If you have questions about what you can and cannot feed your dog, please contact your Vet.  They’ll be happy to give you tips on Thanksgiving doggie feasts.  Also, jot down these numbers.  If your doggie shows signs of having eaten something toxic call the ASPCA poison hot line at 1-888-426-4435 or the Pet Poison Hot Line @ 1-800-213-6180.

Be Safe, Be Happy and Be Grateful – Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!!

by Reilly's Mom

Reilly Says “It’s Almost Thanksgiving! What have you Been Grateful For?”


“Hey mom, I’ve been writing about what I’m grateful for, what’s everyone else grateful for?”

Reilly’s been hard at work, opening his eyes to the universe, tapping into what makes him a fabulously happy boy.  Now he’d like to hear from others.  I guess he wants to know whether the things he’s grateful for are the same as everyone else.  I’ve explained that we all experience life in different ways, so there’s going to be some differences.  But when it comes to the holiday season, I’m sure we all have the same overall theme . . . Being aware of the beauty, the wonderment, the miraculousness and the unexpectedness of life.

The two of us would love to hear from everyone out there, about what you find special during this Thanksgiving season.  Drop us a note!  Reilly’s a chatty kinda of guy and loves making new friends.

by Reilly's Mom

It’s the 19th of November and Reilly’s Journaling Away about Gratitude

Osaka Japanese Garden

A spot Reilly’s grateful for Osaka Japanese Garden in Hyde Park

Another Great November Day in Chicago

Us folks living in Chicago have truly been experiencing great, warmer than usual weather and the forecast is even better for the days ahead especially for Thanksgiving.  That’s lanyap for Reilly.  In his mind everyday is a great day, so extra nice days are a doggie’s delight.  Instead of hurrying him along after school, we’ve been able to take leisurely walks making frequent stops to take in all that life has to offer.  For today that meant stopping by the Osaka Japanese Garden in Hyde Park to climb some rocks and sniff through and view the water scenes.

On the way home Reilly had lots to say about being grateful for a nice spot to take in a nice day.  He’s a grateful doggie child and I do love him for it.

by Reilly's Mom

My Doggie Child Reilly is on Day 18 of Giving Thanks


Reilly’s Grateful for Holiday Arts & Crafts

Thanksgiving is almost here, just a few days away.  The holiday season is almost upon us.  So we spent the day beginning our preparations.  I try to provide Reilly with lots of activities and his friends as well.  Today we invited over some of the neighbors children (4 legged and 2 legged) for some holiday craft making.  It’s time to get ready for our holiday decorating.  We had an array of colored pens, markers, paper, paints, yarn and everything else needed to craft up some great stuff.  We were like Martha Stewart and friends, but not your usual friends.

Of course we started with all things Thanksgiving.  The boys and girls made some exciting looking turkeys and harvest scenes.  Was it messy?  Of course, but everyone was wearing their smocks, so we didn’t care.  At the end of the day, all the little ones left with an item they were proud of.

When we waved good-bye to the last child to leave, Reilly turned to me to say how grateful he is for making art.  No matter what’s going on, children always seem to find something out of it to be grateful for.  So keep the experiences flowing.

by Reilly's Mom

Reilly Says His 17th Day of Thankfulness Was Great Fun


The Holidays began Chicago Style – Magnificent Mile Lights Festival

We just got home from a fabulous, magical, wonderful time kicking off the holiday season Chicago style at the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival.  It was the most fun ever.  My little doggie child, Reilly was over the moon.  There was so much to do and to see.  He’s going to have a lot to talk about on Monday when he’s back to school.

Reilly told me that he was ever so grateful to live in a Chicago where they have such fun stuff.  He said “Mama, this is something that I’m grateful for!”  There was music, a parade, Santa, Disney characters, Garret Popcorn, fun activities, giveaways, fireworks.  Mom it was Magnificent!”

With all the great fun that Reilly had, I know I’m going to have a hard time getting him to fall asleep.  That’s okay, the experience he had was well worth it.  It’s not every day that a young Chicago doggie boy like Reilly can take in so much in place.

Happy Holidays to you all and remember, let’s be ever so grateful.

by Reilly's Mom
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Reilly’s Going Strong – It’s Day 16 of Giving Thanks

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Reilly is grateful for cutting loose on Fridays

Reilly told me that one of the things he is grateful for is funny Friday afternoons.  It’s a ritual at our house to do some fun crazy stuff on Fridays after school.  Today we participated in one of Reilly’s favorite activities . . . Dancing.  My doggie child has rhythm. He’s had from an early age.  Actually all children have the gift of the groove.  They cut loose and let the music dictate the moves.

This afternoon we danced to a couple of songs from the Hair Soundtrack.  It was the Age of Aquarius.

We both agree that it is a blessing to be able to shake and dance.

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